Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

When witches go riding, 
and black cats are seen,
 the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown

Happy Halloween! Stay Safe!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Through the Lens of Fred Lyon

Yesterday I attended the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, just to visit the Peter Fetterman exhibit. Fetterman represents 19th and 20th century photography, specializing in black and white photography with an emphasis on humanist imagery.

There was one photographer whose work I wanted to see. That's the legendary Fred Lyon.

Parking on the steep hill just below the Mark Hopkins hotel.

If you haven't heard of Fred, he has been called the "San Francisco's Brassai".  

Mr. Lyon is a 4th generation San Franciscan and is primarily a San Franciscan photographer. He is  known for capturing the ethereal feel of the city and its people though his amazing photography. Most of his work is from the 40s-60s.

I own two of his books, but have been wanting to purchase one of his prints for a long time now.

Fred is dapper at the age of 90, and guess who had the chance to meet him? Yes, he was at the exhibit, and yours truly interrupted the tail end of his lunch to compliment him and ask him to autograph two of my books. He was as charming and humble as ever. I was so thrilled!

San Francisco, Flowerstand, I Magnin, Union Square 1958


I just adore how his images that capture the fog in San Francisco. Very ethereal. This image (above) is actually very close to my neighborhood.

Coit Tower (above)

San Francisco Post and Powell Street, Union Square 1947 

Sunset Grid 1959

This grid of houses in San Francisco's Sunset District is where I was born. Thinking of possibly purchasing this one. Just can't decide!

Huntington Hotel 1958

Ocean Beach

Foggy Night in San Francisco's Nob Hill, Entrance to the Fairmont Hotel ,circa 1950's

Cotillion in Palace Hotel, Palm Court, 1958

Kearny Street, 1952

If you want to check out Mr. Lyon's works, visit the Peter Fetterman gallery.

 There are also some wonderful books available, the most recent, San Francisco, Portrait of a City: 1940-1960

or my other favorite, 

There will also be another Fred Lyon exhibit in San Francisco from November 8 - January 10th at the  Harvey Milk Photo Center. I'm planning on going and possibly purchasing some of Fred's art!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Special New Arrivals at Paris Hotel Boutique!

We're thrilled to share our newest acquisitions at Paris Hotel Boutique

We recently had the opportunity to enter an old San Francisco estate that had hundreds of 19th century paintings. It was like a gallery! Today, we bring you many gorgeous paintings from that wonderful estate!

In addition, we are showcasing over 50 new pieces! Highlights include:

  • Large Antique Bristol Glass Bird Vases    

  • Tamara Jewelry Antique Fob Necklaces  

  • Midcentury Murano Pendant Light

  • Art Deco Marcasite Rings

  • Christian Dior Store Display Signs  

  • Antique Key Fobs
  • Assorted Collection of 1st Edition Books, Hotel Silver and much, much more! 

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

BIG SALE at Paris Hotel Boutique!

Ready to Shop?

At PHB we're busy bees getting our holiday items ready for you! As you probably know, we normally don't discount our items, but for one week, we've marked down selected items throughout the shop.

Over 50 items are discounted, from accessories to jewelry -- some up to 60% off their original price!

Friday, October 03, 2014

A Sad Goodbye.

It's been hard to sit down and write this, but this past Sunday, we had to lay our precious Vito to rest.

You may have remembered seeing Vito here on my blog many times, posting contest winners or just being camera friendly. He was my side kick 24/7 for the past 14 years-- totally a trooper as I dragged him through every flea market and antique shop. He evened traveled with us. You may even remember him on magazine covers, newspaper stories or on HGTV doing his famous "wave." He was kinda famous.

Vito was our first puppy. He was the love of my life. Being childless, he was my baby, my comfort, as you know by what your precious pets mean to you.

I'm not saying this because he was my dog, but Vito was a special boy. We used to take him to the old aged home, where he'd lay peacefully and comfort the elderly. He never snapped once in 14 years, and was child and animal friendly. Everyone loved Vito. I remember one of his vets saying that he wanted to adopt him.

His final days were good. He had been treated for lymphoma, and it went into remission for over a year. Even in his last days, there were no signs of him ready to go. He was eating, playful, and following me up and down the stairs. Last Sunday was different though, I came home from the flea market and he was shaking. My husband and I took him to the vet and with one hour, we had to put him down.

Needless to say, I'm still kind of in shock, as we are grieving terribly. Thank heavens for our little puppy Sonny, who will never replace Vito, but I'm sure glad we have him. Even Sonny has the blues.

So as I tearfully, choke through this post, I will try and hang on to the memories of this dear soul who touched so many lives. Rest in peace, my little Don "Vito" Corleone. The world is a bit smaller without you.