Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside
For that is where the witches live,
Where ghosts and goblins hide.

Tonight they have their party,
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.

But we do not want to go there
So we run with all our might
And oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

Haunted House
- by Jack Prelutsky

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ghosts at the Palace Hotel?

Last night I went on the annual "ghost walk tour" at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Crowds of people gathered to go room-to-room and hear the tales of the spectral visions, glowing orbs and mysterious events that all haunted the hotel. Kings and presidents died there, gun shots have been fired through their corridors, and tragic romances have ended at the Palace.

  • President Warren G. Harding died suddenly while staying here in 1923 and is rumored to be among them.
  • There is also a reclusive poltergeist that periodically locks itself in the dining rooms.
  • A joking ghost, who enjoys tapping people on the shoulder, haunts the Pied Piper Bar.
  • A mysterious French girl from another century has been seen in the kitchen asking for soup.
  • "The Lady in Red,"a succubus who roams the halls at night and is said to walk through the walls of rooms where businessmen traveling alone are staying, paralyzing them in their beds with fear.

Will you be staying at the Palace Hotel in the near future???

image from here

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hauntingly Haunted Images...

You know what's coming up on Monday! I wanted to share some favorite images that I've been collecting over the past year --- just for you!

Warning. Enter at Your Own Risk...


see ya on Monday!!!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Forever Young

Ever feel not-so-fabulous after forty or fifty? Well, thanks to stumbling upon the blog Advanced Style, I'm feeling better than ever!

Thirty-year-old photographer Ari Seth Cohen roams the streets of New York City looking for stylish older women and gentleman to photograph.

How cool is Ari?
We love him.

woman in Milan, Italy

I'm mesmerized by these ladies who fearlessly embrace themselves. I could really use some style tips from them. It just goes to show that you can be fabulous at any age!

Who do you think is the most stylish in the above photo?

How about Ruth? She is 99 years old...amazing, huh?

And accessories? Bring them on!

And I was afraid that I was too old to sport lavender nail polish? These woman have no fear and look fab!

"I photograph whoever catches my eye each day, and am always on the look out for great style and great stories." -Ari Seth Cohen

If you want to see more of Ari's inspiring photography and hear his stories, visit his blog, Advanced Style.

Also, Ari's book, Advanced Style will be coming out next year. You can pre-order it here.

After seeing these lovely ladies, I have a whole new outlook on life. Just proves that every cloud can have a silver-haired lining!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wanna Come Antiquing With Me?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I spent my weekend hunting for treasures. My friend ReneƩ and I took a trek up to Sacramento County to shop at some of our favorite haunts. Thought it would be fun to share them with you!

The first stop was to Cottage Girls in Carmichael, CA. Talented friend Jana has been the proprietor of this charming shop for several years.

This cottage is brimming with beautifully edited pieces. You'll find vignettes of whimsical, curious and stunning antique/vintage items. I always leave there with some goodies!

You can spend hours looking through the layers of wonder, so beautiful! I especially love Jana's neutral color palette.

Vito was being a sport, although he really dislikes antiquing!

Next stop was to the city of Fair Oaks, not too far from Carmichael. My friend Laurie recently opened the fabulous Bleu. Located in Old Fair Oaks Village (the cutest little street), Laurie's shop is filled with gorgeous antiques.

From gleaming old French chandeliers to garden furniture, you're sure to come home with a treasure!

Laurie grew up surrounded by antiques and has a avid eye for the most striking and beautiful things. I've always admired her aesthetic.

I purchased this wonderful old dog plate featuring a 1910 calendar. Love it!

Right next door to Laurie's shop is another lovely store, Bungalow.

Bungalow carries home and garden items including architectural fragments, repurposed & painted furniture, garden elements...the list goes on! This store is packed with treasures and has a sublime ambiance.

One of the special attractions in Old Fair Oaks Village are the chickens, roosters and hens that just wander around the village square and stop traffic. I tried to photograph them (below) but they ran too fast when they saw the camera!

Thanks for shopping with me! Hope you enjoyed a peek inside these wonderful shops. If you're in the Sacramento area, you must make a point to stop in. You'll be glad you did!

Cottage Girls
5912 Palm Drive
Carmichael, California 95608

10147 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Fair Oaks, California 95628

10139 Fair Oaks Boulevard
Fair Oaks, CA 95628